All news in the Devblog are not binding to the final game and can be changed by the Devteam at anytime for any reasons.

Character Redesign completed

09/20/2016 23:02 by Marcel Kaiser

After some night sessions we finally present our main character. This week we’re looking for the creation of the character’s face expressions and the definitive slice sheet which will be used for the development of the first animations. We can’t tell you that much about the functions and abilities of the character himself and his gear today. So please stay tuned to learn more about him. What do you think about it? We would be glad to hear from you.

Level 1 Prototype / First Assets

11/13/2016 20:09 by David Teuscher

We’re currently working on Level 1, some assets are already implemented and we’ll be working on a lot more over the course of the next weeks. Simon (our programmer) has taken care of the scripting and is making sure the game runs properly. Seeing our hero making his first steps in the environment we created is pretty cool.


iOS woes, fixing physics

12/01/2016 12:10 by David Teuscher

We’re aiming to bring Color Runner to all mobile platforms (iOS, Android and yes, even Windows Phone).  We had a bit of a challenge with the iOS version, since a Mac is required for the iOS build and no one of us owns a Mac.  We’re happy to report we got a hold of a Mac and iOS testing is secured, yay. Other than that, our programmer is dealing with physics-based issues, one of our artists is rigging a sidekick-character in addition to painting assets, and the other one is painting more assets for level one as well. We’ve also painted a custom skybox to replace the one we bought in the Unity Asset Store, check it out:parts-devblogpost_preset2_800x600px  

Our hero is learning some new tricks!

12/11/2016 14:23 by David Teuscher

We’re working on the climb functionality so the player can hold on to ledges and pull himself up. While this sounds simple it isn’t really since Color Runner is a running game. We don’t want the player to lose the sense of speed when the character climbs up. Figuring that out is keeping our programmer busy. In addition to that, he’s working on the death animation. Sounds morbid, but hey it has to be done as well. One of our artists has landed a job at an animation company, he’ll be taking a break in order to prepare and will be joining us again in two weeks. The other one is done with painting houses for lvl 1 and will start painting trees next week. Here’s the base texture for two houses: parts-devblogpost_preset_800x600px

Here’s another screenshot

03/18/2017 16:21 by David Teuscher

So the testlevel is done and approved. One of our artists is currently placing the assets for decorating the level. We’ve also integrated some particle effects, rain and environment animations. And we’re all very keen on getting a bouncing rabbit in there as well. Wish us luck!

Character Design Progress

09/15/2016 20:05 by Marcel Kaiser

A few days ago we’ve started working on the redesign of the main character, which basically was created in the 1st version of ColorRunner in 2015. We like to show to you a branch of work created in the redesign process. But we’re still not done yet. The character would need to be finalized and worked out the next days.

The Villain

01/17/2017 18:15 by David Teuscher

Here’s a picture of the villain in our upcoming game Color Runner. There has been some debate among us concerning the color scheme of the character. Two of us want him as pictured here while one of us is adamant about having him grey, being the opposite of the runner’s colorful appearance. We’ll now decide depending on how it looks in-engine. We’re also still trying to find a name for this guy. Do you have an idea? Comment and let us know. PARTS-Devblogpost_PRESET_800x600px

Haven’t heard from us in a while, eh?

04/29/2017 13:31 by David Teuscher

Thats because we’ve been busy as hell. Marcel is in the process of reworking our website and logo in addition to creating something that will be announced soon. Simon, as always, is handling the programming on both our website and the ColorRunner app. Level 5 of the app is now finished and playable and David is currently building Level 1. He’s spending his nights having nightmares about the prospect of having to build another 8 levels because Level building can be a bitch sometimes. So stuff is happening and we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.

We’re back from the grave!

08/09/2017 10:17 by David Teuscher


Lets start with the bad news: one of our artists, Marcel, has decided to pursue other opportunities. In addition to that, we’ve decided put Color Runner on the backburner for the indefinite future. The reason for stopping development is that it was way too ambitions of a project for a game made by three dudes in their spare time. That being said, here’s the good news: former PARTS member Silvan Krebs has helped us out with the programming of our very first game that you can download right now!!

Read this before downloading though: don’t expect the next mobile game of the year, this was more about finally releasing something and testing the whole development pipeline. So please keep in mind that it only took us a month to make.

Cool? Cool! So here’s the link:

Android version

iOS version

We’re working on the new update now and we’re looking forward for feedback from users. Thats all for now. Keep it locked on our page and see you next time!

We’re making progress!

10/30/2016 17:10 by David Teuscher

Here’s the first Concept Art piece for our mobile game “ColorRunner”. In today’s meeting, we’ve agreed on a general visual style for the game and a theme for the first level specifically. We hope you like it.

Almost there with the concept…

09/28/2016 20:40 by David Teuscher

Currently working on the concept for ColorRunner and implementing the ideas our devteam has brought to the table. We figured out a lot of fun gameplay mechanisms, now we’re balancing the elements to deliver a compelling experience. Todays meeting made us find common ground with the overall direction our game should go and we’ll start developing the first level very soon. Stay tuned!

Building Level 1

02/03/2017 12:49 by David Teuscher

After a lot of painting and some compositing we’re starting to integrate the assets, as seen in the screenshot below. Upper half of the screen is the unity viewport, lower half is the game running. We’re far from finished, but the whole thing is coming along nicely and we can see which direction we’re going and what needs to be fixed. PARTS-Devblogpost_PRESET_800x600px

ColorRunner re-announced

09/10/2016 16:20 by Marcel Kaiser

Welcome to our new devblog. In this area we’ll post news around the development and actual the state of our projects. In this reason I’m very glad to officialy re-announce the project ColorRunner V2, which will be a Runner Mobile game shipped to all platforms. The Concept Art on ColorRunner has started this week and you’ll be able to see early art pieces and animations very soon on this Devblog. In the meantime check out our main website and of course our artist portfolios as well to see a branch of our work created in the last few months.