Lets start with the bad news: one of our artists, Marcel, has decided to pursue other opportunities. In addition to that, we’ve decided put Color Runner on the backburner for the indefinite future. The reason for stopping development is that it was way too ambitions of a project for a game made by three dudes in their spare time. That being said, here’s the good news: former PARTS member Silvan Krebs has helped us out with the programming of our very first game that you can download right now!!

Read this before downloading though: don’t expect the next mobile game of the year, this was more about finally releasing something and testing the whole development pipeline. So please keep in mind that it only took us a month to make.

Cool? Cool! So here’s the link:

Android version

iOS version

We’re working on the new update now and we’re looking forward for feedback from users. Thats all for now. Keep it locked on our page and see you next time!